5 steps to making your home safer for when the next storm hits Perth

Storms are inevitable and some times you can’t avoid some sort of damage around your home. You can however minimise any damage, or eliminate the possibility of damage, and keep your home and family safe. Here’s five super quick tips to do just that. We will always be on call top provide temporary fencing to keep your home secure, but we also want to make sure you’re staying as safe as possible for those heavy-hitting storms.

  1. Survey the fence around your home

It can take 5 minutes but can save hours of clean up, phone calls or even running around your suburb looking for escaped pets. Walk around your home and check your fence. Is it sturdy? Are there any cracks? Any weak-points in the fence?

If you notice anything that needs fixing, organise to fix it or if time is running out attempt to strengthen that part of the fence. Propping up long stretches of fence can also help your fence withstand strong gusts of wind and keep that fence standing.

  1. Move anything that the wind can pick up

It can sound really obvious but you would be surprised how much damage household items left on the lawn that wind picks up and throws through a window cause. If you have anything that’s easy to pick up, move it under shelter or into the garage.

A plastic table or chair is enough to damage a window or knock down a fence. It’s the last thing you want to worry about so be prepared and move everything you can before the storm hits.

  1. Keep animals (especially dogs) inside or in a safe space

Dogs are known to be runners when the storms arrive so if your dog is a runner it may be a good idea to bring them indoors for the night. We hear of so many lost dogs for young families and know that our local rangers can find it tough to house lost dogs in already crowded pounds.

Birds can also go missing especially when the winds are blowing. Aviaries aren’t the sturdiest of structures and can easily blow down. If you love your birds, we recommend housing them inside for the night as well.

  1. Ensure outdoor structures are strengthened

This brings us to outdoor structures in generally. It’s not uncommon to see a shed, patio or bird aviary upended and in the neighbours yard. If you’ve got a structure outside, check it out and make sure it’s not going anywhere. Extra tie-downs are always a good idea and if it looks sturdy enough, tie it down some more. You can never be too safe.

  1. Stay safe

Our biggest tip is just to stay safe. The biggest storms can cause untold damage and bring dangerous power poles down, rip tin sheds apart and even move boats and cars. Keep away from anything that even looks remotely dangerous and allow authorities to secure the areas before moving around. Yours and your family’s safety is the number one priority.

If the unfortunate event happens, and your fence gets knocked down, give us a call at TempFence and we’ll provide a cost-effective temporary fencing solution.

Image source: PerthNow

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