Private & Residential Property

Are you building a new house or planning an extension? As leading suppliers of temporary fencing in Perth we can help keep your property safe and secure.

Building a new home or extending your existing home can be an expensive and stressful experience. By installing our tough and durable temporary fencing you can have some piece of mind knowing that for an affordable price you are able to secure your home against theft or vandalism.

All of our fencing is manufactured from high quality galvanised steel with mesh infill.

Our fencing is designed to fully comply with all Australian Government Safety Standards and local council requirements.

Our professional team of fencing contractors will secure our fencing with safety blocks, star pickets or stays where required. Temporary fencing stays and star pickets give additional support in areas with high wind velocity. We also offer fencing gates at no extra cost.

We also have fencing that sits flat on the ground acting as an effective dog barrier.

We are able to provide shade cloth or weed mat which is an efficient dust barrier and improves site safety as well as providing privacy and security.

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